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At the beginning of the hunt, each team will be given a sheet of paper with six clues. Solve those clues then make your way to the checkpoints indicated by your answers and follow the instructions as to what to do at each one.

To be considered an official finisher, you must kill at least one Zombie, though you will likely kill all or most over the course of the day.

Once you cross the finish line, you are done...There's no going back out!


Phone-a-friend: The best help you can have is a person (we like to think of them as a Pit Crew) seated in front of an internet connection at home that you can call as necessary. You may need to figure out some unique local trivia, get directions, figure out song lyrics, etc. You can also use smartphones, library internet connections, GPS devices, etc to get the answers to questions you need.

Sample Clues:

Jodi Arias and Diane Downs aren't the only two famous murderesses associated with Arizona, no, there is one that trumps them all. A friend of Anne LeRoi and Hedvig “Sammy” Samuelson took care of both of them in what was one of the most publicly sensationalized and gruesome murders in AZ history. Let's see a pic of all but one of you in front of that house where it happened that still stands and even has tenants.
Answer: Home in which Winnie Ruth Judd hacked up her two best friends at 2947 N 2nd St

2. Find your way to for your next Zombie kill: 33.459802, -112.079055
Answer: that's latitude, longitude for a specific point.

John Henry Waddell's DANCE is considered one of his greatest works and you're probably going to see it today. Make your way here to find your next Zombie, and don't get caught dancing with the dead.
Answer: a sculpture garden in downtown Phoenix.