Can you survive the Zombies?
What's the Zombie Sprint?

The Zombie Sprint is your chance to hunt Zombies and rid your town of them once and for all!

Teams of two solve 6 clues that will lead you to 6 Zombie occupied Hazard Zones. Each of these zones will have a Zombie guarding the Kill-station that you need to get to. Once you're in the Kill-station you'll mark your Kill-card and then try to escape.

The Zombies you'll need to escape carry markers to tag you on the Zombie-hunter event shirt you received at event check-in.  If they get you, you were Zombie dinner at that station. 

Think you can kill more Zombies than your rivals?  Have you got what it takes? Forming alliances, cunning, distraction, sneak attacks, and more will all play a role in your success.
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Save time at check-in, print and fill out your

Under 18 but at least 12?  We have a special waiver for you right here
We need your help! Volunteers and Zombies needed! Please see our FAQ's page for information on volunteering and spending the day as one of our Zombies!
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